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A new photography phone app – Prisma

Prisma1Two of the things that I get the most pleasure out of in my life are photography (as is pretty obvious from some of the blog posts on this site) and also art of different varieties, such as the sort of art work you find in an art gallery to the talented works of graffiti which can be found in cities up and down the country.

[SideNote] I don’t mean the random ‘tagging’ you find scrawled on random buildings, I mean the really creative pictures and scenes done by talented artists such as Phlegm.[/SideNote]

This week, I came across a new app which has recently been released on the Android platform which is called Prisma.

At first glance, it looks like another Instagram type app for people who like to post arty pictures of food or selfies, mainly because of the layout of the app, which is very very familiar if you use Instagram.

In reality though, this app is so much more than that, as it takes your standard camera phone photo and turns it into a ‘painted variety’ of the image.

I am sure this has been done before, but this time around, it really really works and it creates very impressive looking photos.Prisma2

The key to the app being able to make such good looking images is the fact the processing is not done using your phone’s hardware, it connects to the app’s servers and uses the processing power of their hardware to create the images.

The one downside to this is that it appears every man and his dog has downloaded the app and is trying it out and as a result over the past few days, I have regularly seen the message “servers over capacity’, or the image taking several minutes to be created.

If you show some patience though, it is worth the wait.

Not all images work with this app, some of the ‘test images’ I tried looked like a very bad attempt at HDR, but with some trial and error, I have created some images that I am really impressed with, below is a selection of my favourite ones.

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