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About Me

My name is Mark Brandon and I am an amateur photographer, originally from Preston in Lancashire now based in Norway.

My ‘Day job’ as a software application tester means being stuck behind a PC 5 days a week, which means I look forward to the weekend arriving allowing me to get out and about with my Camera documenting a wide range of subject matters.

My main passion lies around the architecture area, as I am fascinated by grand old buildings and how they used to serve the local and wider  community, sadly many of these buildings are being torn down, only to be replaced by modern, mainly glass orientated structures which I do not feel will have any major historical significance in years to come, which is why I see it as vital to photograph these old buildings, to allow people in the future to also enjoy these structures.

This hobby has allowed me to see many fine buildings all over the UK and also further afield.

My biggest project to date is spending 10 days over the past 3 years documenting the abandoned towns of Chernobyl and Pryp’yat’.

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