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Woodchester Mansion, Gloucester, September 2016

Brief History Woodchester Mansion is a Grade I listed house in the Victorian Gothic style. It is absolutely unique because it is unfinished. The architect was a young local man called Benjamin Bucknall, and both he and his patron, the wealthy William Leigh, were admirers of the important French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. There is a […]

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Film Review – Blair Witch

In terms of build-up, this film came out of nowhere, there was no publicity surrounding the release, which is a very different approach to the first film (more on that in a bit), in fact, for months the film was known under a totally different title – The Woods. The true ‘film behind the film’ […]

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A new photography phone app – Prisma

Two of the things that I get the most pleasure out of in my life are photography (as is pretty obvious from some of the blog posts on this site) and also art of different varieties, such as the sort of art work you find in an art gallery to the talented works of graffiti […]

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Under The Blue Sky – Chester Theatre Club

I went into seeing this play with absolutely no idea of what the play was about, aside from knowing that it was basically three acts which examined three different types of relationships between teachers and that it was quite ‘sexual’ in it’s theme. The play would probably never even have entered my life if it […]

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Liverpool Wanderings Summer 2015

During the last few weeks in my last job before heading to Norway, I had a few hours of leave to take, so I decided what better to do with the time than head out with the camera, so that’s what I did. I met up with a few photography friends and headed over to […]

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Lord of the flies – Manchester Lowry Theatre

I have never been to the Lowry Theatre before, so I took a punt on a last minute trip to see The Lord of The Flies being performed there for a short one week stint and in all honesty, I am very glad I did as it lived up to everything that had been written […]

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Stonehenge, Wiltshire, September 2014

Back in September I had a week holiday down in Cornwall, as I was travelling down, I could not pass up an opportunity to visit Stonehenge, as it is a place I have wanted to see for many years. If I am honest, I was probably a bit disappointed with the visit as it was […]

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Book Review – The Summer I Died – Ryan C. Thomas

I am not really a fan of the whole ‘torture porn’ type films and books, they often seem to lack genuine quality and just seem to be about trying to get the most reaction possible from critics. This book does fall into the ‘torture porn’ genre and I am still puzzled about why I decided […]

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Seven Deadly Sins Part 2 – Wrath

Another day, another part of the Seven Deadly Sins, following on from yesterdays post about Pride today’s offering is Wrath. Wrath/Anger (Latin – Ira) Which comes with a definition of: “An emotional response related to one’s psychosociological interpretation of having been threatened.” or ” inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with […]

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Seven Deadly Sins Part 1 – Pride

About a year or so ago, I read a great book written by Corey Taylor entitled Seven Deadly Sins, I found the book fascinating, especially how he intertwined stories from his past into each of the seven sins. Since reading the book I have wanted to try my own version of this, all be it much […]

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Grimmfest 2014 – Preview Night

This past weekend saw the long anticipated arrival of the annual Gimmfest horror & Sci-Fi film festival. It was once again a great success which seemed to have been thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended. As can be expected from these sorts of events, things go wrong, things get delayed and have to be rearranged, but […]

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Dreams – From Bernadette Mayer’s list of journal ideas (Part 1)

Months ago I wrote a post talking about how I was going to add stuff here more often after stumbling across a great list of Ideas posted by one of the world’s earliest ‘bloggers’ – Bernadette Mayer, well as you can see, that did not happen, life gets in the way, days turn into weeks […]

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