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Book Review – The Summer I Died – Ryan C. Thomas

The-Summer-I-DiedI am not really a fan of the whole ‘torture porn’ type films and books, they often seem to lack genuine quality and just seem to be about trying to get the most reaction possible from critics.

This book does fall into the ‘torture porn’ genre and I am still puzzled about why I decided to read it, maybe it was because of the reviews I saw talking about how bad this book is (in terms of the story not how it was written), maybe I just fancied something totally different to what I had been reading for the past few months.

The basic premise of the story is that of two good friends, one who has never left the town they grew up in and another who is back from college during the holidays.

The decide to spend an afternoon out in the woods smoking weed and shooting guns. On the way back they hear the desperate screams of a woman coming from a house not far from them, so they decide to investigate.

They are then caught up in the sick world of ‘skinny man’ who imprisons them in his basement and then spends days slowly trying to kill them in the most imaginative ways possible.

The book is quite well written and really engrosses you in the most basic human instinct…to survive against all the odds put in front of you.

I was genuinely engrossed in the book and wanted to know what happened to the two main characters.

Would they both survive or would ‘Skinny Man’ win out in the end……..

Overall Rating


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