Now for something a little different, as part of our little trip over to the czech republic, myself, FraggleHunter¬†and T-Bolt stayed in a variety of accommodation throughout the week, we are getting old and generally don’t rough it and stay in something that resembles comfortable digs, on our last night we had a little gem of a place lined up, Bunker 10-Z.

A little blurb about the site is as follows:-

10-Z is the most highly classified nuclear fallout shelter in Brno from the Communist era to protect the city’s and region’s representatives. It had been built during the Nazi occupation as a civil defense (Luftschutz) shelter from U.S. and Soviet bombardment of Brno. A total of 600 people could be housed for 3 days. It serves as a cultural space from May 2016.

In this place you will find nothing 5-star, or all that comfortable bed wise, but when you book to stay here, you know exactly what you are expecting, they don’t hide this fact, so people who complain about the accommodation need to have a serious word with themselves.

Personally, I LOVED the place I have never stayed anywhere like it before and I would be very surprised to stay anywhere like it ever again.

The bunker itself is very unassuming from street level (I am kind of stating the obvious there, as it was after all a top secret bunker!), with just a very small courtyard and one entrance door.

Once you get inside however the place is massive and very atmospheric.

The owners have obviously spent a great deal of time and money on getting this place to look exactly like it did back in the Communist era and I think they have got it spot on.

As part of your overnight stay, you get a guided tour around the site, which I found to be very informative, lead by a guide who obviously knew her stuff and liked her job.

After the people who were on our tour left (you can choose to just go on the tour if you like), we were the only people staying, so we had free reign of the site.

They have a licenced bar onsite, which has a very interesting method of serving you, in the entrance there is a phone, you simply phone your order through and 10 or so minutes later, a staff member appears with your beers – table service with a twist!

After far too many beers whilst enjoying the pleasant late autumn evening it was time to head for bed, well for most of the group as I decided that was an ideal time to go and do some photography.

I must have spent a good 2 hours wandering around the empty corridors, which were described by Fraggle Hunter as “quite scary”, I personally did not think that and had a great time, until the effects of the beer took hold and I decided it was time to head to bed as we had a busy day planned the next day.

So, if you happen to find yourself in Brno whilst over in Czech Republic and you are of an adventurous personality, I can’t recommend this place highly enough.