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Book Review – Newtown: An American Tragedy – Matthew Lysiak

I think the main issue with this book is that it’s come too soon. The author clearly wanted to be the first to cover the ‘biggest’ (in terms of public outrage) school massacre, which has caused one of the biggest flaws – there just is not enough information around yet. Look back to one of […]

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All Apologies

Slight deviation from the blog post I was going to write here, but this post came about after reading a post on another blog I follow, The Anarchist Soccer Mom, which rang very true to a situation I currently find myself in. Over the past 30-odd years of my life I have said some really hurtful […]

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Ideas to take the blog forward

I have had this blog for going on a year now and so far it’s been far too under utilized. The problem has always been trying to find interesting content to add to it. Sadly my life is not as high paced as some regular bloggers I have seen, as I have a desk job […]

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Book Review – Columbine – Dave Cullen

I came across this book after watching a documentary on the TV a few weeks prior, it seemed to have some mixed reviews (due to it arguing a lot of the ‘accepted facts’), but overall the reviews were positive, so I decided to give it a go and I was not disappointed. The book itself […]

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Grimmfest 2013 – Fringe (Part 1) – My Amityville Horror & Smiley

First off, a quick apology for not getting this blog updated with more film reviews from Grimmfest, its been a busy few weeks both socially and in work and there has just not been enough hours in the day, but better late than never here is the next batch of film reviews. Having missed out […]

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Grimmfest 2013 – Night 1 – The Borderlands, Crazy for You and On Air

I did not realize just how little time I would have to actually write up these reviews during the film festival (in fact I had no time due to late finishes and many good things going on at the Fringe part of the festival during the day), so a little later than hoped, here is […]

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Grimmffest 2013 – The Preview Night Part 2, Radio Silence & Curse of Chucky

Next up, following the very informative Q&A session with Robin Hardy was a locally filmed short, directed by Mat Johns, entitled Radio Silence. Judging by the way the cinema filled up shortly before the film started and the noise made when the opening titles started to roll, its obvious that this film has a big following […]

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Grimmfest 2013 – The Preview Night Part 1, The Wicker Man

So, after months of waiting the day was finally here, the start of Grimmfest 2013. For those not familiar with what Grimmfest is, its in essence a horror film (with the odd sci-fi film thrown into the mix) which happens in Manchester each year featuring a mixture of full length feature films and ‘shorts’ made […]

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The East Lancashire Railway 1940’s weekend

A couple of months ago the East Lancashire Railway held their annual 1940’s weekend. The weekend consists of various events all following the 1940’s theme (such as dinner and dance at the church hall, soldier parades and such like.) The event takes part across three Lancashire towns, Bury, Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall, with each location being […]

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Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology Fire!

Shortly after 4pm on Sunday 1st September 2013, reports started to surface on Facebook about a fire which as happening at my former High School, Leyland St Mary’s. Initial reports were sketchy, but there was nothing to suggest just how big the fire was (or how big it would get!) I checked on the Leyland […]

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Book Review – Joyland, – Stephen king

I have been a big fan of Stephen King books for many years now, but for the past few months I have started to get a little disinterested when reading his books, especially after reading ‘Under The Dome’ as my last Stephen king book (far too long and far too many characters!) I had heard […]

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The Necropolis Collage

After a long day sat doing a whole load of admin tasks for a web forum I am administrator on, I decided to go out for a nice evening walk with the camera, what with it being such a nice evening. One of my favorite places to visit for some peace and quiet is one […]

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