I have had this blog for going on a year now and so far it’s been far too under utilized.

The problem has always been trying to find interesting content to add to it. Sadly my life is not as high paced as some regular bloggers I have seen, as I have a desk job which does not make for interesting reading.

A couple of weeks ago I came across an interesting idea to take the blog forward, what I came across was something called Bernadette Mayer’s list of journal ideas.
First of all, for those who do not know who Bernadette was (I did not know before stumbling across her), she was a matter of everyday poetry, long before sharing everyday thoughts either the wider world (I.e. blogging) became a popular pastime.

Her ideas focused on what was around her, things she partook in as part of her daily life, things such as doing laundry, raising children or daydreaming about her city or country.

These subjects may sound boring or mundane but she had a skill whereby whee was able to take these mundane, commonplace occurrences and frame them in unexpected and interesting ways.

One of her most famous works was a book called studying hunger, which aimed to document each and every thought she had over a one year period.

So, back too her list of journal ideas, which in the end ran into an eight page document and features a wide selection of ideas, such as:

Journals Of

  • Dreams

  • Food

  • People one sees (descriptions)

  • Subway, bus, car or other trips (I.e. the same bus trip over a period of time)

  • Life’s everyday machinery.

  • Write once a day about one thing in minute detail

Writing Experiments

  • Rewrite someone else’s work – experiment with theft and plagiarism

  • Make notes on what happens or occurs to you for a limited amount of time then make something of it in writing

  • Get a group of words either randomly, selected or thought up, then form these words into a piece of writing.

This is only a brief selection, but it’s given me plenty of ideas to take this blog forward and hopefully with practice and dedication I can start to move away from this k list and start to form my own blog ideas.

The first topic I have decided to cover is Dreams, I have drafted some initial ideas, but I am unsure of how there post will flow, time will tell I guess, but I hope to have it done this week.