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Leyland St Mary’s Catholic Technology Fire!

Shortly after 4pm on Sunday 1st September 2013, reports started to surface on Facebook about a fire which as happening at my former High School, Leyland St Mary’s. Initial reports were sketchy, but there was nothing to suggest just how […]

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Book Review – Joyland, – Stephen king

I have been a big fan of Stephen King books for many years now, but for the past few months I have started to get a little disinterested when reading his books, especially after reading ‘Under The Dome’ as my […]

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The Necropolis Collage

After a long day sat doing a whole load of admin tasks for a web forum I am administrator on, I decided to go out for a nice evening walk with the camera, what with it being such a nice […]

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The first ever blog post!

For a while now I have wanted to start a blog but struggled with many aspects the whole ‘blog-life’, such as not knowing what sort of content to add to the blog or not having the ability to keep the […]

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