PrideAbout a year or so ago, I read a great book written by Corey Taylor entitled 
Seven Deadly Sins, I found the book fascinating, especially how he intertwined stories from his past into each of the seven sins. Since reading the book I have wanted to try my own version of this, all be it much shorter.

Since then though, life has gotten in the way and I have never got round to putting anything down on ‘paper’, but as I am now off work for the rest of the year, now is as good a time as any.

Next problem was deciding which of the sins to tackle first, at first I thought of breaking them down into the capital sins and the venial sins, but it turns out they are all classed as capital sins, so no luck there, so I plucked for the age old ‘pick a sin out of the hat’ and I came out with Pride.
Pride (Latin – Superbia) comes with the official definition of:

“The excessive belief in one’s own abilities which interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God”.

It is also said to be the base sin for which all other sins arise from and can also be referred to as vanity.

Without wanting to sound big headed about myself here, but I don’t honestly believe that I often (if ever) commit this sin. I have never been one to be proud of myself and I find it difficult to take praise from people, especially when they say I should be proud of something I have achieved.

Upon further investigation, there may be a reason for this, apparently philosophers have said that pride is a complex secondary emotion which requires the development of a ‘sense of self’ and the mastery of relevant conceptual distinctions (e.g. that pride is distinct from happiness and joy). Throughout life, I have often been told that I tend to think about things far too much and as a result seem to try to find the negative aspects of a situation, trying to play things down or make something of a situation that does not actually exist and thus making what could be a happy even into an unhappy event.

It’s been said at work that I often go above and beyond what I need to do as part of my day to day job, but I always just see it as being something that has to be done. Most recently I received an email from my manager talking about how they had finished reviewing our PDP’s (personal development plan, just for deciding bonus’s and pay rises and such) and that she was very pleased with everything I contribute and that I should be proud of it all, I guess I have been pleased with this, but I really did not know how to take it or reply to it, so guess what I did…I just ignored the email and I bet that makes me look like such an ignorant person, it’s not the way it should come across, but I really hate reading things like that about myself.

I have always been of the opinion that there is a very fine line between pride and arrogance, so maybe that’s another reason for not wanting to be proud of my achievements, for fear of becoming arrogant and being one of those people who everyone hates behind their backs (lol, more so than I already am!)

I am quite a complex person in some ways though, because with all the above being said, It annoys me when other people act in the same way as I do, I feel people are doing a disservice to themselves for not realising just how much they have achieved.

An example of this would be a guy in my team who started was taken on with limited experience but excelled during their trial period. Since then they have continued to go from strength to strength with everything they have learnt and continue to get through work with very little assistance from other people. Each and every time I try to tell them that they should be proud of their achievements, they kind of shrug it off and try to move onto another subject…sounds very familiar doesn’t but in this situation I get really frustrated with them.

So, I think that’s about enough for Pride, looking back at the previous 700+ words, more seems to have been said about the background of the sin rather than how it affects me personally, but it’s quite hard to refer to actual life events where this sin comes into play when you feel you don’t feel it actually affects you.

To sum this sin up though, I really don’t think Pride (in its initial form) should really be classed as a sin at all, because it’s not really something that has any direct impact on anyone else’s life, unless the boundaries are crossed and pride turns into arrogance.

I think there are far more ‘deadly’ sins out there on the master list!